Jio’s Satellite Service to Bring High-Speed Internet to Every Home

Internet connectivity in India is set to reach new heights. The central government has approved Jio’s satellite service, which could soon be rolled out across the country. Jio’s satellite service is a joint venture with Luxembourg-based SES, aimed at providing gigabit fiber internet service. Previously, Bharti Enterprises-backed OneWeb has also received approval to provide satellite internet services in India.

What is Jio Satellite Service?

Jio Satellite Service is a satellite-based internet service showcased at the Mobile India Congress held in Delhi in April this year. It does not require wires or towers. Jio’s SpaceFiber technology is quite simple. It involves a receiver that can be installed at home, office or even in a car to access internet directly from the satellite. The receiver comes in different sizes for personal and commercial use.

Locations Where Service is Live

The service has gone live at Gir National Park in Gujarat, Korba in Chhattisgarh, Nabarangpur in Odisha, and ONGC-Jorhat in Assam. However, after government approval, it can be rolled out for general users and corporates as well.

What Speed to Expect?

According to the company’s claims, the satellite-based internet service can provide speeds of up to 1Gbps. However, the speed may decrease when multiple devices are connected to a single connection. Jio’s initiative will not only promote internet connectivity but will also help bring high-speed internet to remote areas of the country.


Jio’s satellite service is a great offering for internet users in India. Free from the hassle of wires and towers, this service can bring high-speed internet to every home and office. It is hoped that this service will soon be available to general users as well, further strengthening the dream of Digital India.

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