NEET 2024 Results News : Top Court Cancels Grace Marks, Orders Re-Exam for 1,563 Candidates

In a major development that could disrupt the medical admissions cycle, the Supreme Court today directed the National Testing Agency (NTA) to cancel the NEET 2024 results of 1,563 candidates who were awarded compensatory grace marks. The apex court has ordered a re-examination for these affected students on June 23, with the revised results to be declared by June 30.

The court’s decision comes in response to petitions challenging the award of grace marks and allegations of irregularities in the conduct of the high-stakes NEET exam. EdTech firm Physics Wallah’s CEO, along with student organizations and individual aspirants, had approached the top court seeking intervention.

According to the government’s counsel, a committee constituted by the NTA had recommended cancellation of the scores of the 1,563 candidates after reviewing cases of suspected unfair means. The court ruled that awarding grace marks was “contradictory” to the principles of a standardized examination.

While the NTA had argued that the sanctity of the exam was not compromised, the court noted that the “sanctity of the exam has been affected” by the controversies. The re-exam has been ordered to uphold the integrity of the process and provide a level playing field to all aspirants.

The NEET results hold immense significance for over 13 lakh candidates vying for limited medical seats across the country. Any delays or disruptions in the admission cycle could have cascading effects on the academic calendar and career prospects of aspiring doctors.

Investors and stakeholders in the education sector will closely monitor the situation, as the court’s ruling could potentially impact the operations and future prospects of educational technology firms and coaching institutes that cater to the lucrative medical entrance examination market.

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